About Us

Strategy & Accelerate

Legally established in the country and strongly connected in the region, we are working closely with investors, industry leaders and regulators in assurance of accelerating sustainable business growth.

Who we are

A team of industryveteran focusing with new innovative technology that assisting people, developing bussiness and making earth a better place.

Our Approach

Experiences have been our key differentiation as we work pragmatically to accelerate sustainable growth in the market.

Product & Service

Market Research

FrontechAsia Research offers a comprehensive range of market and consumer research services. With team of experience in worldbank and other multinational organization, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality research.  

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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy is about helping employees to grow their professional brand by empowering them to participate in discovering, sharing and measuring the impact great content has on their networks.

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E-Mobility Advisory

We empower our customers to support the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy. With our tools you can run a chargin business with your own brand – Powered by Virta

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Technology Advisory

Holistically working with adoption of innovative technology whether initiating new business area or growing your market presence. We are supported with experience partner in Industrial IT, IoT and Automation.

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