Personal branding is more important than ever, with social media spreading information like wildfire and recruiters resorting to social media channels to find candidates. – Annika Rautakoura , Smarp

Personal branding may still impress the buzz just for the marketing team. This should be considered by all professionals as they reach the digital world. If you do not pay attention to your personal brand, it can give you a bad impression on your job search and the people important to your career.

Personal branding is about a strong impression in building your self-image, both offline and online.

PERSONAL BRANDING, at least depending on the following:

Optimize your social media profile

In optimizing your social media cover profile, pay attention to details of what should be listed and what is not. Strive to build an online performance with relevant aspects and in harmony with your personal, professional and personal values.

In the Employee Advocacy program, employees are supported to maintain current and professional profiles. Use of acceptable language and suggested messages to accompany postings on social media.

Professional Networking

Never underestimate the power of the network with the company or the right people. 87.2% of advocacy is extended through professional networks by employee advocacy. Networking is built on the sharing of content that is liked and relevant to the industry.

Relevant content

Content that reflects one’s professional interests and expertise becomes a strong foundation in building a personal brand. The social media platform is the perfect medium for starting and maintaining a personalized content strategy.


The ability to build massively, the individual components of the brand that influence, is an important aspect in building personal brands, according to Mike Myatt. Influence can help open your important door and your personal goals, keeping in alignment with your values.

Factors mentioned above, can help keep the influence on your network and bring your brand to the next level. The most important thing of your brand, however, makes it important to you.

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