Talking Business Series

“Building Employee Roles as Corporate Brand Ambassadors Through Social Media”

What is Employee Advocacy? Why companies should take pains to empower their employees, in view of the company’s assets. Currently social media has become part of daily life of society. Employees as individuals are almost certain to have social media accounts and connect with many people who become their network of relationships. The social strength of employee media can be an added value as a company asset. Behavior of employees in bersosial mediapun can be a good gauge for the good name of the company or just the opposite can be a “enemy in the blanket” for the company itself.

Talking Business Series

In some developed countries, the awareness of the company to pay special attention to this, has started to bloom. Especially for companies that have a number of employees hundreds and even thousands of people spread all over the world. How does the company attempt to build a good image for its employees? Are not they the first person in the target product / company that should be able to enjoy every service company or product that produced the company very well? So with their willingness will automatically promote the product / service company where they work, as a form of appreciation and pride as part of the company’s success?

This is the point often forgotten by many companies. Unfortunately new will be realized when there is a problem that arises and it is often so late, and lead to big losses experienced by the company. Quoted in an event at Nordic Business Forum 2016, a well-known author and book author – “Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down” – Vineet Nayar’s reveals: “Dig deeper with individual employees, help them develop their professional brand and provide some positive feedback. If employees feel empowered, I bet their connections with clients are made “

That’s why SMARP as a service that focuses on the acceleration of business growth with innovative empowerment of the latest information technology, realizes that “the issue about Employee Advocacy programs should not be about the organization’s marketing efforts. It should also be about connecting employees, making them feel trusted and respected – an employee advocate is not just marketing machine. When done right, an Employee Advocacy program can, in fact, make employees feel better or even help them fight a nearing burnout.

Meanwhile, Tri Raharjo as CEO of Trus N CO and the initiator of Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award revealed, “Amidst the growth of internet users is very significant, to build the popularity of brand through digital media (internet) can not be avoided by the business in Indonesia. Digital media is felt to be very effective in order to build the popularity of a brand at once can easily destroy the popularity of the brand in the community “

Without us aware, users of this social media is part of the employees themselves who helped actively build the company’s success. An employee, will only share the fun, inspirational things related to their work world. They just want to share the experience felt when they work in the company’s environment, essentially sharing the positive things actually increase the value of their love of the company where they work, and they are “the best company ambassador” that once owned the company.


Talking Business Series

Pada kesempatan ini kami dari PT. Nusa Frontier Teknologi mengadakan sebuah perhelatan yang bertema “Talking Business Series” yang akan diselenggarakan pada hari selasa tanggal 11 April 2017 di Intercontinental Mid Plaza guna membahas “Membangun peran karyawan sebagai brand ambassador perusahaan melalui social media”. Sebagai pembicara yaitu Roope Heinila – CEO Smarp International, Henry Simangunsong – Managing Director FrontechAsia, Tri Raharjo – Chairman Tras N Co Research dan perwakilan dari Kemkominfo yaitu Noor Iza – Plt. Kepala Biro Humas.

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