Employees are significant contributor to organizational or enterprise development efforts. Aside from being an in-house worker, the employee is also an individual who has a social life as part of society in general. Along with the development of social communication technology, social media, the community, which in this case is the workers, have a wide opportunity in building brand personality in social media networking. It is almost certain that almost employees have a social media account, such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc. Being active in social media has become a common behavior.

How does the company see this phenomenon? Although this situation has become very common, many company still not yet realizing this thing as a leverage, in which it can give influence and contribution to business development.

On April 11, 2017, FrontechAsia collaborating with Smarp, an application employee advocacy platform, hosted the first event called as “TALKING BUSINESS SERIES” with theme, “Building the role of employees as a corporate ambassador brand through social media”. Shown as a speaker, Mr. Noor Iza (Head of PR Bureau at ministry of technology & information) , Mr. Tri Raharjo (Chairman of Trans N Co Research), and Mr. Roope Heinila (CEO of SMARP International) from Finland. The event was opened by Henry Simangunsong (Founder and Managing Director of FrontechAsia, Technology Advisory Provider focusing on technology utilization for company growth and development), also acts as SMARP event organizer and partner in Indonesia.

During a speech, Mr. Tri Raharjo explain that Social Media for Brand Activation contains three main social media actors in lifting a brand: agency, advertising, and employees. “From One to many, many to many”, highlighting social media and employees, based on the results of random sampling of 100 people on facebook, the average friendship of 1750 people. Number of employees X 1,750 (friendship) = ……. It shows how the speed of brand information brought by employees in an effort to contribute to the development of the brand.

EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY, Efforts to build togetherness of employees with companies to realize sustainable business development

Roope Heinila (CEO of SMARP International) explains the SMARP platform, is an application for employee communication, that addresses the needs of advocacy and engagement. Advocacy and connections among employees with employees, employees with companies, that builds alignment that can create and develop engagement as quoted by Simon Sinek: “Customer will never love your company until the employees love it first”. Also present as an invited guest to give testimony for SMARP platform from PT Angkasa Pura II, in an effort to carry out the company mission “We bring the best of our people and partners to deliver safe and pleasant travel experience to our customers.”

The event was followed enthusiastically by various participants and they asks so many interesting questions/discussions. The participants were from government, state-owned or some big names private company, such as Ministry of Finance, Indomarco, Telkomsel, Sinar Mas Group, Multi Business Reska (subsidiary of PT KAI) and others.
On this occasion, all the companies in attendance received a privilege of having a smarp facility, worth five to be applied in their respective company for 1 month ahead. Thus the participants can feel and utilize smarp platform in building the role of employees as brand ambasador. (EnW / HpS)