Smart charging solutions are becoming more common as new services are entering the market. But what’s the fuss about smart charging all about? Why a traditional power socket isn’t enough? In this post we go through what smart charging actually is and why it makes so much sense.

Smart charging ensures a smooth and secure charging experience

Smart charging enables smooth and secure charging and acts as a platform for smart energy services. In addition smart charging makes it possible to save money while cutting emissions. We listed the top five benefits of Virta’s charging services that leverage smart charging.

  1. Charge faster. Smart charging devices enable the safe usage of maximal charging power. This makes charging much faster compared to traditional power sockets.
  1. Charge safer. Smart charging is significantly safer because smart devices automatically test the connection between the car and the device before starting the charging event. Safety can be increased with dynamic load management if there are several charging points in the same property. Charging events can be remotely stopped if needed.
  1. Avoid unnecessary disputes by monitoring usage. The worries of neighbors about increased electricity consumption can be solved by connecting the charging device to a charging service, which automatically collects consumption data. This way charging costs get charged from the EV owner in an easy way. To help users with company cars, the service can report the costs of both public and home charging automatically to the employer.
  1. Save money and the environment by optimizing charging time. With smart charging, timing can be optimized based on the price at the local electricity market like Nord Pool Spot. This saves money and also benefits the environment and the electricity grid, as prices follow electricity demand. With charging time optimization EV charging balances the supply and demand of electricity and lowers the need for electricity generation.
  1. Find available charging stations more easily. When a charging station is connected to a charging network drivers can see whether the station is free or in use – and reserve it if necessary. In addition drivers can share their home charging stations and earn extra income while helping others. The owner of the device can decide how to restrict access – to himself, his friends or anyone using the network.

Smart charging connects EV charging to the web

The term smart charging is being used to describe a system where there’s a data connection between an electric vehicle and a charging device, and also a data connection between the charging device and a charging operator. This enables real-time control of a charging event. In practice smart charging is a charging device connected to a back-end service that enables monitoring, controlling and restricting the usage of the device.

Your charging business, powered by Virta

Virta is the innovation leader in EV charging business and serves the entire EV charging ecosystem. Our platform provides tools for running an EV charging business anywhere in the world. Our scalable turnkey solution allows running EV charging services ranging from large professional EV charging networks to single charging points. For end users Virta offers a world-class user experience through mobile, web and smartwatch applications with the smartest functionalities in the market.


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