EV charging services bring added value to energy companies’ service portfolio and makes them future-proof – also in terms of Smart Grid.

The breakthrough of electric vehicles is inexorably approaching in Europe. Incentives for EVs are popping up all over the continent and car manufacturers release exciting news about new EV models.

As a consequence, the demand for EV charging infrastructure and services will boom – and chances are that energy companies will be the winners in that business. They enjoy many given competitive advantages: Solid background competence of the area, an existing infrastructure which serves as a basis for the charging network – as well as an existing base of customers.

From electricity distributors to service providers

What is perhaps still needed is a change of mindset, because the servitization trend affects energy utilities just like any business.

It is important to perceive that providing EV charging service is not about distributing electricity to EV drivers. Regardless of whether the charging takes place in homes, real estate or in public, it is a premium added value service for this specific, yet still limited customer group.

Especially when it’s about residential charging the EV drivers are likely your existing customers. By providing this service you can strengthen and deepen your customer relationship with them, because it supports your core business.

Instrument for demand response in Smart Grid

Getting involved with EV charging makes energy businesses future proof and especially Smart Grid proof. Sooner than we imagine, EVs will function as one of the instruments for demand response in the Smart Grid ecosystems.

Electric vehicles are packed with power. While they are parked, around 95 % percent of the time, they can be connected to the grid. If and when necessary, energy loaded in their batteries can be transferred to help the grid maintain its balance.

Any energy company must be prepared for Smart Grid. Meanwhile, there’s an opportunity to open a new area of business with huge future prospects. So, dear energy company, what could possibly be your excuse not to jump into the EV charging business train?


Source : https://www.virta.global/news/why-provide-ev-charging-services