Our services work separately or seamlessly together

We are working closely to empower our clients to support the rise of electric vehicles (EV) and renewable energy. With our tools you can run a charging business with your own brand – Powered by Virta.


Comprehensive, modular and future-proof.

Our charging services work separately or seamlessly together – and adapt to all business models.

Through continuous R&D we can already utilize EV’s as balancing elements in the energy system.

Virta Mobility

  • Connect EV drivers to charging stations
  • Virta Mobility is a comprehensive customer experience with
    • Registration
    • Mobile and web applications
    • Account management
    • Roaming
    • One-time payment
  • End-users engage with your brand, powered by Virta.




Virta Operator

  • Connect and control charging infrastructure with ease.        
  • Virta Operator is a reliable EV charging backend with
    • Payments
    • Roaming
    • Smart energy solutions
  • You can choose any device using standard protocols.